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What's it all about...

Our Creative Open days are just that, days that we are open and creating, and you are invited to join us. It's $35 for a two hour block and you can book 1, 2 or 3 two hour blocks. You can plan what your going to create before you arrive.... or.... decide once your here, again, it's totally up to you. It could be resin art ? acrylic dirty pour maybe? sculpt possibly? how about a sketch? I know!! (insert light bulb) alcohol ink on a clear acrylic sheet, laser cut into a jigsaw puzzle!! yep... we like to think the possibilities are endless (clearly not quite true, but hey!!).

We should have everything you need but if you want to make sure just ask us before you head in. We love watching the creative processes, sharing ideas and don’t mind the mess, we'll even clean it up for you.

Bring a friend, grab a group, invite Mum (she will love it), hang with the partner or get creative with the children... there is something for everyone. I mean, who doesn't like the idea of putting some paint in a balloon and popping it over a canvas! or "Painting by Balloon exploding" as we like to call it!

You will have to purchase your boards, canvases, & paper (any surfaces), clay/plasticine and resin (if needed) from our studio on the day. EVERYTHING else is included in the ticket. Strictly NO BYO sorry.

What if I have no experience?

Our creative open days are for people who have experience or who have done a workshop with us. Don't worry though we have a solution for you...

Guidance with a Resident Artist - 1 Hour $85 or 2 Hours $140

Not totally confident yet? Would you like some quick reminders, tips and tricks? Or do you just want someone to guide you, then we have you covered, our Resident Artists can help!

Our Artists will spend .... up to 60 min with you and the rest will be up to you. Remember though, you will need a ticket for each person attending, and we have limited spots available. If you are looking to learn in more depth, then you should book into one of our workshops, checkout our Workshop page for dates.

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