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Our Paint Mix

The perfect acrylic flow paint mix for Dutch pours that gives you cells – EVERY single time

Have you seen the video below and been trying to achieve these kinds of cells in your artwork?

Stop wasting paint, stop the frustration – Let’s get you cells!!

This is for you if:

  • Your paint mix isn’t giving you cells
  • You’ve tried all sorts of mixing ratios
    You’ve wasted canvasses, paint & money
  • You want to create gorgeous artwork with cells
  • You want to know how to mix paint so it’s right every single time

What’s included:

  • A step by step video showing you exactly how we mix our paint
  • NO hidden things – WE SHOW YOU EXACTLY HOW IT’S DONE
  • All the products we use and a clear demonstration
  • A video showing you a Dutch Pour using the paint we mixed
  • We’ll also send you a FACT sheet outling everything in the both videos

Like you, we were frustrated that all the videos out there seemed to missing steps. We tried the mixes and did exactly what they said but still couldn’t get cells. We tried silicone oil, coconut oil, house paint, you name it we tried it all. We just couldn’t get the cells that were shown in people’s videos. Frustrating isn’t 😤

WE SHOW YOU EVERYTHING – no missing steps, no missing products just EXACTLY how we mix acrylic flow paint in our studio for all our workshops.

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If you’re still unsure then check out our Facebook page and see all the videos, images and comments about us and our studio. We want you to stop wasting money and more importantly we want you to create art you love. We know how much fun it is to achieve cells and watch people’s faces in our studio when they create and see their artwork come alive.

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