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2 Art lovers & a Studio

Collective Obsessions was started by our love of wood and creating something unique. When building a table we came across resin and once we found out the possibilities were endless…. the story began.


Rochelle grew up with an art loving father & creative mother so art was always in her genes. From charcoal, fashion design and then to photography it was this that captured her heart & love for creating something that would last a lifetime and forever bring a smile to someone’s face. The love of the ocean is Rochelle’s happy place & you will see this reflected in her resin & acrylic artworks.


Jamie or Mean Boss as most of us call him is a lover of all things creative but specifically unique items. A gadget man, tech guru & OAKLEY specialist Jamie also loves to use a variety of different mediums. Starting with photography Jamie found his passion for creating, with over 30,000 Facebook followers he has a talent for seeing what others just walk past. With a love for natural products Jamie started creating wood furniture, a talent he learned from his dad. Now Jamie is always ready to try different mediums, from charcoal, resin to pottery - mind you this has him a little stumped at the moment.


We’d love to create something with you in our COStudioWA so book in a class or just call us to arrange a time to create something with us. We love having other people in the studio it motivates & drives us to try things.


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