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1:00 pm Creative 2hr Session$25.00
6 available
2:00 pm Creative 2 hr Session$25.00
6 available
3:00 pm Creative 2 hr Session$25.00
6 available
4:00 pm Creative 2 hr Session$25.00

Our Creating art open day, is a day that you can create your own Resin Art, Acrylic Pour Art, Alcohol Ink Art, or any style of Art really.

All the while enjoying the company of other budding (or established) Artists. Our Artist love to chat and exchange stories and ideas with all in attendance at our creating art open day.

We have everything you need, and we love watching the creative processes and don’t mind the mess. Bring your friend, mum, partner or kids 🙂

Join us at our CO Studio WA, located in Bassendean, and you’ll have access to a personal work bench and all the tools you’ll need to create, including
Acrylic paints
Pouring medium

All included in the ticket cost of only $25.

You will need to purchase all your boards, canvases and of course your resin at the Studio on the day. (No BYO of these items). Boards & canvasses range from $8 through to $200 depending on size. Resin packs available $35 or $65.

Haven’t tried these before, no worries, you can book some time with one of our Resident Artists for guidance..

Enclosed shoes must be worn.
Terms and Conditions apply, please email for more information.

Collective Obsessions

CAUTION: Creating can become an O B S E S S I O N