4 Artists with a passion to create, teach and bring people together

Collective Obsessions, or CO Studio WA as we like to call it is about bringing experienced & budding artists together. We provide a platform to try different mediums and learn new techniques. We host Creative Open Days, Workshops as well as provide great products. Starting through our love of creating, painting, designing, building, capturing, telling a story…. and well…some say a little craziness, we realized, that through everything we do, we LOVE being creative.

CO Studio was born when we realised that just like us, people needed a creative outlet to get them "out of their heads" and away from work life.

We LOVE sharing our Studio by having artists (or newbies) creating with us, swapping stories, sharing idea’s and having a blast. We have also arrived at the understanding that, “CREATING can become an OBSESSION”….. and for us at least, it has…. thus begun our journey as, 4 Art Lovers & a Studio, or Collective Obsessions!

CAUTION - creating can become an OBSESSION

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Jamie (Mean Boss)

Finding a passion for creation through photography, often seeing what others just walk past, Jamie’s images traveled across the globe enabling them to reach tens of thousands of followers. A lover of all things creative, natural, unique and/or unusual, and with the help and generational teachings of his Father, Jamie then started to create timber furniture with a difference.

These days, Mean Boss focuses, on nothing… no seriously… nothing…. he uses a variety of mediums including, charcoal and resin, acrylic and lead(pencils) and of course timber, and generally has multiple pieces on the go at once, all the while sharing his studio and constantly striving to find new and interesting ways to use, or break, any medium. (we’re not bringing up pottery any more)…

“The Captain” Will Huntley ATC

Will Huntley is a Professional Artist who has been creating and teaching art for over 30 years. He has worked on films such as Alien 4, and The Resurrection, Austin Powers 2 and Jingle All the Way, Starship Troopers, and well you get the picture. He is an accomplished sketch artist, mould maker, painter, prop builder and sculptor. Who has had various solo and group exhibitions under his belt. Will has been operating as an Artistic Training Consultant (ATC) for the past 10 years. Consulting, teaching and providing workshops for professional artists & teachers, around the globe. …blah blah blah. ….. actually all that is true. … However, we think whats important, is Will’s enormous heart (worn on his sleeve). Abundance of patience (is handy, a LOT). And creative noggin (which is endless). All of which gives him a weird knack in finding just the right way to explain the “how to’s” to each and everyone that asks.


Rochelle grew up with an art loving father &
creative mother so art was always in her genes. From charcoal, fashion design and then to photography, which captured her heart & cemented her love for creating something that would last a lifetime, and forever bring a smile to someone’s face.

Whether its finding the human spirit with her photography, or giving into natures allure, or flow Art in all its forms, Rochelle’s passion and talent for creating is simply amazing!

Rochelle draws inspiration from loving life to its fullest, laughing every day (normally at Jamie), and of course, her favourite place to be, the ocean…. um….I mean our Studio. (She makes pretty mean cakes and desserts as well)

Paula - Paula Clay Designs

Started creating as a young child, at first inspired by watching her mother, who along with her father encouraged her to follow artistic pursuits. Through every stage of education she studied art in one form or another and found it a peaceful retreat from her more science based curriculum. It was this peace she repeatedly turned to as a student, a single mother, a wife and again as her family has grown up.Paula constantly learns new techniques to compliment her skills with oil, water colour and acrylics. She has found a love of combining techniques in some of her work on canvas and also in fabric and fashion design, and enjoyed the opportunity to share her skills and to teach others the joy of creativity.

Here and at her home studio, she has been creating pieces inspired by family, childhood, memories of the different places she has lived and by her love of nature and colour. Paula finds it very fulfilling to create, with some being single media, others are a combination of two or more, but they are all the result of hard work and love. She has chooses to exhibit them in the hope that others will also get joy out of them.

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