Artist led creative art and craft workshops in our Bassendean Studio, resin art, acrylic art, alcohol ink, sculptor, wood turning, painting, cupcake design and more...


Acrylic Pouring

2 structured (yet extremely fun) full hours with our Resident Artist, will get you creating within the first 30 min. We will guide you through techniques such as the “Dirty Pour”, the secrets to creating cells and “lacing”, whilst making magnificent, abstract artworks!

$245 or grab two for $220.50 each


Remarkable Resin Art

Create 3 pieces of resin art, while learning a variety of techniques, tips and tricks to achieving the perfect gloss finish. We even have over 100 different pigments, powders, pastes and inks for you to play with.
20 year Resin Art veteran and Professional Artist Will Huntley will explain everything about the products and the process of Resin Art. He will also give you multiple ways to apply the products to achieve different results.

We include a light lunch and refreshments for you to have a small break before working on your final masterpiece.

$305 or grab two for $274.50 each


Resin Art Workshop - Cheese/Tapas Board & Coasters

This 2.5 hour workshop will teach you the basics of resin, and then you'll be creating magnificent useable artwork! A custom made chopping board plus 4 matching coasters.

These make for wonderful gifts and a real kitchen statement piece.

$245 or grab two for $220.50 each


Geode Trinket Trays

 We can show you how to make your very own beautiful slice of rock…!! Na just kidding! How about your very own beautiful “Resin Geode Tray" or 3, yes you'll get to make 3 on the day. Learn the art of resin and colour mixing to re-create this beautiful rock formation as a trinket tray for your favourite jewellery.

$185 or grab two for $165 each


Alcohol Ink Workshop with Bubbles & Bites

How can you pass up the opportunity to sip on some Bubbles while enjoying our two-hour, fun filled workshop to create your own amazing alcohol ink artworks straight out of the starters box.

In fact, we think you’ll be surprised how fast you start creating beautiful abstract artwork, (yes the bubbles help). As we guide you through the process, step by step, you will learn everything from colour combinations and sealing to safety and equipment selection.

$245 or grab two for $220.50 each


Multi Media Workshop

During this 4 hour workshop, we will step you through the tricks and techniques you need to create in 3 different mediums, with the last 60 minutes set aside for you to play with your new favorite.

Our medium's of the day will be Alcohol Ink, Acrylic Dirty Pour which is one of the more popular styles. With this medium we will show you how to layer your colour choice of paints and how to apply this to a 300 mm x 300 mm double edge artist stretched canvas.

Resin Art Chopping Board.... So, now that you have tried pouring acrylic paint on a canvas, we will move onto resin art where we will apply a similar principle to a 150 mm x 300 mm hard wood chopping board and 2 coasters.

Perfect as a birthday or Christmas present, or just to say I love you to that someone special. A light lunch or grazing board and drinks is included in this workshop.


$345 or grab two for $310.50 each

Copy of Pot Plants with Alcohol Ink Workshop

Pot Plant Alcohol Ink Workshop

During this colourful workshop, you will get to experiment with different tools and techniques. Our friendly teachers will guide you step by step through everything from colour combinations and sealing, to safety and equipment selection.

You will have the chance to create multiple pieces/artworks to take home with you on both a small and medium-sized pot. Your finished pieces will make the perfect gift or they can take pride of place in your own space.

 $285 or grab two for $256.50 each


Cupcake Design Workshop

Everyone LOVE’s a cupcake!!

Learn how to go from yum to WOW. We’ll supply the delicious cupcakes and teach you different techniques using various tips to create professional cupcakes. We’ll even teach you how to make swiss meringue buttercream (no bought stuff here).

Take home 12 designer cupcakes to share with family or friends, or eat them all – we won’t tell

 $180 or grab two for $165 each


Resin Clock Workshop

This 2 hour workshop will teach you the basics of resin, and then you'll be creating a magnificent resin clock! We have various designs for you to choose from with matching clock fixtures.

These make for wonderful gifts and are a real statement piece.

 $255 or grab two for $225 each

What you need to know..

What we provide

All the tools, equipment and materials needed including gloves and aprons.

Enclosed footwear must be worn in the studio at all times, for your safety.

Light refreshments are supplied and in
some of our workshops a light lunch or grazing board is supplied. Please inform us of any allergies
– e.g. dietary or latex (for gloves)

What you need

We recommend that you wear old clothes as resin doesn’t wash out, alcohol ink will stain and we don't want you getting acrylic paint on your favourite top! Please wear enclosed shoes as you will be creating in a working studio.

A desire to learn and create art!
Please note that even if you aren’t very art inclined…you can still create beautiful artwork in all our workshops and it is our promise that you will finish the workshop with a great piece of art!

Your artwork

Resin and acrylic artwork will take a few days to cure, you cannot take them with you on the day as they need time to dry and cure in a dust free flat space. We have designated drying cabinets for you.

Collection is available generally 2-3 days after your workshop, depending on the weather and drying times.

PLEASE NOTE: We don't recommend resin workshops for pregnant women.
All our classes are suitable for beginners.

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