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Collective Obsessions

4 Art lovers


Rochelle grew up with an art loving father & creative mother so art was always in her genes. From charcoal, fashion design and then to photography, which captured her heart & cemented her love for creating something that would last a lifetime, and forever bring a smile to someone’s face. Whether capturing our human spirit with her photography, giving into natures allure, or flow Art in all its forms, Rochelle’s passion and talent for creating is simply amazing! Rochelle draws inspiration from loving life to its fullest, laughing every day (normally at Jamie), and of course, her favorite place to be, the ocean…. um….I mean our Studio. (She makes pretty mean cakes and desserts as well)

“The Captain” Will Huntley ATC

Will Huntley is a Professional Artist who has been creating and teaching art for over 30 years. He has worked on films such as Alien 4- The Resurrection, Austin Powers 2, Jingle All the Way, Starship Troopers, Wild Wild West and many more. He is an accomplished sketch artist, mould maker, painter, prop builder and sculptor, who has had various solo and group exhibitions. Will has been operating as an Artistic Training Consultant (ATC) for the past 10 years and has been consulting, teaching and providing workshops for professional artists, art teachers, and art-related business’ around the globe…. blah blah blah…… actually all that is true…. However, we think whats important, is Will’s enormous heart (worn on his sleeve), abundance of patience (is handy, a LOT) and creative noggin (which is endless), which gives him a weird knack in finding just the right way to explain the “how to’s” to each and everyone that asks.


Want to talk about being talented, devotion to the arts, what about creativity….well… then we need to talk about Paula. Influenced and inspired by her Mother, and with formal training in the arts and architecture, Paula has spent most of her life Creating. Oils, acrylics, resin and alcohol inks are just some of Paula’s mastered mediums, with sewing and mixed media being two standout passions. (possibly after her two beautiful girls) While visiting our studio, if Paula is in residence, there is sure to be some amazing pieces being created and some spot on advice and guidance to be had. Oh…and keep an eye open for Paula’s public exhibition later this year.

Jamie (Mean Boss)

Finding a passion for creation through photography, often seeing what others just walk past, Jamie’s images traveled across the globe enabling them to reach tens of thousands of followers. A lover of all things creative, natural, unique and/or unusual, and with the help and generational teachings of his Father, Jamie then started to create timber furniture with a difference. These days, Mean Boss focuses, on nothing… no seriously… nothing…. he uses a variety of mediums including, charcoal and resin, acrylic and lead(pencils) and of course timber, and generally has multiple pieces on the go at once, all the while sharing his studio and constantly striving to find new and interesting ways to use, or break, any medium. (we’re not bringing up pottery any more)…
That’s our story and we THANK you for reading and taking an interest.
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